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Current status of Arctic sea-ice - Arctic Climate Change,
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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

Current status of Arctic sea-ice



A webspace devoted to the current state of our cryosphereNouvelle fenêtre.

SEARCH (Study of Environmental Arctic Change)

2011 Sea Ice Outlook, A september Update Sea-ice outlook ReportNouvelle fenêtre, September 16, 2011: The SEARCH Sea Ice Outlook is an international effort to provide a community-wide summary of the expected September arctic sea ice minimum.

National Snow and ice Data Center: Arctic Sea-Ice News and Analysis

Arctic sea ice at minimum extentNouvelle fenêtre, September 15, 2011:

Arctic sea ice appears to have reached its lowest extent for the year. The minimum ice extent was the second lowest in the satellite record, after 2007, and continues the decadal trend of rapidly decreasing summer sea ice.

University of Bremen

Daily Updated AMSR-E Sea Ice MapsNouvelle fenêtre, , September 8, 2011: A new historic Arctic sea ice minimum has been reached on 8 September, 2011.

University of Hamburg: Integrated climate Data Center

Arctic sea-ice concentration anomalyNouvelle fenêtre, september 15-20, 2011: The sea ice group (Lars Kaleschke) is making a prediction of the expected sea ice minimum extent (September) based on Anomalies of the Arctic sea-ice concentration (AMSR-E) as part of the Sea Ice Outlook.


- 29/09/11