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Dissemination - Arctic Climate Change,
Economy and Society




Key figures


WP6 leader

Nathalie Sennechael has a backgroung in Physical Oceanography (doctor of the University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC)  and is  scientist at the MNHN -National Museum of Natural History- in Paris. Recently she has been increasingly involved in outreach activities. She is the ACCESS webmaster.


 WP6 co-leader

Oystein Godoy has a background in meteorology and oceanography from University of Bergen. He has been working with remote sensing techniques at the Norwegian Meteorological Institute since 1994. In recent years he has been increasingly involved in data management activities e.g. for the EU project DAMOCLES and in operational data access during IPY.


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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

WP2/WP4 Stakeholder Workshop


The ACCESS WP2/WP4 Stakeholder Workshop took place on September 19, 2013 at HSVA ( Bramfelder Str. 164, Hamburg, Germany).



Capt. Vladimir Mikhaylichenko from Moscow; Uwe Bollwinkel, Lloyd's Register, Bremerhaven; Capt. Wolfram Guntermann, Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg; Capt. Aleksandr Ovtsinnikov, Reederei Oldendorff, Lübeck.


Click on the appropriate link to dowload the presentations (access restricted to the ACCESS consortium)

  Arctic Change

  • Observations (Peter Wadhams, University of Cambridge)
  • Climate models (Kathrin Riemann-Campe, AWI)
  • Ice operations (Nick Hughes, met.no)

  Arctic Shipping

  • Ongoing Efforts in Arctic Marine Safety and Environmental Protection (Lawson   Brigham, UAF)
  • New Russian regulations for the Northern Sea Route (Cpt. Vladimir   Mikhailichenko,  Moscow)
  • Classification Society rules and regulations (P.O. Moslet, DNV)
  • Experience of a shipping Company (Christian Bonfils, NBC)

  Oil Spills

  • Full scale experiments (H. Jensen)
  • ACCESS Oil Spill Report ( Jeremy Wilkinson, BAS)
  • N.N. (Scott Pegau , OSRI)

  ACCESS Update

  • Update of results: Transport & Tourism (ACCESS-WP2)
  • Update of results:  Resource Extraction (ACCESS-WP4)



- 08/10/13