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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

Workshop on fishery and oil and gas development

Association of Fishing Enterprises of the Murmansk region initiated the Russian-Norwegian workshop to discuss the issues of interrelations between fishery and oil- and gas development sectors. The workshop will take place on 19.10.2011 in Murmansk. Anna Stammler-Gossmann and Marine Informatics representatives are invited to participate in the workshop. The questions that will be discussed meet directly the issues of a planned for 2012 'Sharing the Ocean' ACCESS workshop (Organiser: University of Lapland, Anna Stammler-Gossmann).

ACCESS: Sharing the ocean: coexistence and challenges of coastal economies. Stakeholders’ workshop (Draft).

The ocean as a larger natural commons, where different human activities take place, is a dynamic and competitive system. The ocean has its borders in terms of economic zones or national borders, management of global commons, complex human motivations, and human ethics. On the other hand, marine resources run together in a fluid manner and a large number of people have access to them. All actors in this system have to balance their activities constantly.
The workshop aims to bring together different groups of stakeholders who share common interests in the resources of the ocean. This workshop will assess interdependencies between economic sectors that are related to marine environment and evaluate the outcomes of the ocean sharing: is it more about the obstacles or opportunities, undisturbed coexistence or not worked out tensions. Stakeholders will share their strategies for the common use of the marine environment and ideas how to balance their activities.
Potential stakeholders: Fishermen, fish processing sector, representatives from the oil and gas development sector, shipping sector, shipping yards, tourist companies, insurance companies, indigenous peoples.
Potential place: Kirkenes, Norway