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 The current status of Arctic sea ice

Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute (AARI)

The AARI is the leading Russian institution in the Polar Regions. AARI performs the complex investigations in the Arctic and Nouvelle fenêtreAntarctic in the field of oceanography, physics of ice ocean, and in- land water, meteorology, ocean/air interaction, geophysics, sea ice studies, glaciology, polar geography, hydrochemistry, hydrology of river mounts and water resources, ecology, interaction of the ship's hull and other engineering constructions with ice, polar medicine. The AARI has comprehensive scientific, technical and informational resources and high-skilled scientific staff. The activity of the AARI is based on the large data sets on ice, ocean, atmosphere, geophysical and other processes, which have been collected since the early 20th century. The AARI is well-known in the world that allows it to mutually cooperate with the centers and institutions of the USA, Canada, Norway, Germany etc. and participate in the international projects, expeditions, symposia, working groups, committees and commissions engaged in the investigations of the Polar Regions

Three AARI departments will contribute to the WP1 and WP2 of ACCESS proposal. Their area of expertise related to proposal activities ids the following. Oceanography department: (i) studies of the Arctic Ocean water masses origin and transformation; (ii) study of the Arctic Ocean circulation. Ocean-air interaction department: (i) field studies of the exchange processes in the ocean-ice-atmosphere system; (ii) model studies of sub-grid scale processes affecting climate variations. Sea Ice Regime and Forecasts department: (i) study of sea ice extent variability and sea ice conditions forecast for the future; (ii) development of methods of optimal using of ice information for operational support of navigation in the freezing seas.


Tasks attributed: WP1: (i) Statistical and process-model analyses of contemporary oceanographic data (AARI IPY expeditions) in conjunction with historical data; (ii) Monitoring studies along the Eurasian continental margin and at manned drifting stations, including mooring deployments. WP2: (i) Estimation of navigation efficiency on along the Northern Seas Route during XX and beginning of the XXI centuries up to 2010 (terms if the non-icebreaking navigation); (ii) Analyses of variability of sea-ice conditions in the areas those are difficult for navigation during XX and beginning of the XXI centuries.


Principal Investigator:

Dr. V. Ivanov is the head of Ocean-air interaction laboratory. Scientific expertise: energy and mass exchange at the ocean-ice-air interface, dynamics of boundary layers in the ocean and atmosphere